Can you smell all of that excitement in the air? In just under three hours Microsoft will pull the sheets off it’s plans of “making entertainment more amazing”. If you couldn’t make it out to the Los Angeles Convention Center that grab some popcorn and snuggle up with your computer because you’ll still have a front row seat.

Starting today at 12:30pm EST, we’ll be bringing you all the visual aids you’ll ever need, with a livestream directly from the Xbox Media Briefing graciously provided by the good folks in Redmond. I won’t be hosting this one (instead you get the awesome MajorNelson), so it’s a little different than what we normally do for these types of events, but you’ve got to evolve somehow! Don’t worry, I’ll be around.

Can’t make it to your PC? You can watch the livestream on your Xbox 360 and Spike TV here in the United States.



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