It’s the week after E3 so you’ll have to forgive us for taking a little longer to get back into the swing of things, but here goes our best shot. If you’re the type of person who gets excited about chainsaws anime, and Kinect titles, there at least one new Xbox LIVE release just for you.



On Xbox 360

Lollipop Chainsaw Releasing June 12, Action

Bursting with sex, blood, and rock ‘n’ roll, Lollipop Chainsaw is the ‘un-deadly’ story of a sweet and killer zombie hunter and her quest to uncover the root of a colossal zombie outbreak.  With her wickedly awesome chainsaw in hand, Juliet slices, dices and splits her way through hordes of the undead, but soon realizes the horde is only the opening act to a festival of zombie rock lords determined to kill the chainsaw wielding cheerleader


DiRT Showdown Releasing June 12, Racing

Race, crash and hoon your way  through a world tour of motorised mayhem in DiRT Showdown! Hyper-energised events and social gameplay combine in this turbo-injected shot of driving delirium.   Use boost to race past rivals, unleash your inner hoonigan in free-roaming stunt parks and see gaming’s most advanced damage engine pushed to its limits in demolition derby events.  DiRT Showdown is Codemasters’ most connected game ever – split-screen multiplayer, 8 player online racing, on and offline quick-fire party games, Showdown challenges and YouTube integration all come as standard.


Arcade Kinect

Phantom Breaker Releasing June 12, Fighting

Can you compete in the ultimate fighting tournament? Choose from 14 deadly combatants – each with their own unique storylines – before entering a secretive fighting competition held in the shadowy underworld of Japan. Select either a quick fighting style to pull off super-fast combos or a hard style to toughen up your chosen brawler. Then, through well-timed attacks and blocks, charge your Overdrive bar before unleashing it to devastate your opponent with lightning fast blows. When you’ve earned your stripes in the single-player, take the battle online to compete with other fierce competitors.



Babel Rising Releasing June 13, Strategy

Babel Rising lets you play as a God and use your powers to prevent humans from building the tower of Babel. Hurl bolts of lightning, cause massive earthquakes, or unleash gigantic floods upon the Babylonians.  Face a wide range of challenging enemies and levels and use the motion controllers to get a unique feeling of power!


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