Since we introduced enConnected Social a little more than a year ago, a lot has changed about Microsoft and about the nature of the things we cover here at enConnected. So too must enConnected Social.

First the not so awesome news; we’ve decided to eliminate the topical groups. That means that TV Addicts, Game Junkies, Help, and Music Heads have all been shown the proverbial door. Going forward we ask that you just head to your favorite product hang outs to talk about any media you would like to post about. We’ve also taken this opportunity to show the Zune group the door as well. At this point it’s pretty clear Xbox Music and Xbox Video will replace that product. Sure, we’ll miss the Old Oregenta but it’s time to say goodbye. Unfortunately BuddyPress, the system on which enConnected Social is based, does not currently allow for the relocation of any forum topics, period. That means all forum topics that were there are gone. We promise we’ll never have to perform this kind of hard group reset ever again.

Now on to some better news, starting now, you can access our lineup of groups on the main navigation. Just hover your mouse over “Social + Forums”. That should make for more obvious navigation to the groups that you’ve joined. We’ve also introduced a new product group for the recently announced Surface, so be sure to join and give your thoughts on the next generation in Windows tablet computing.

I’ll miss seeing the Zune logo on our homepage as well; however in the end we have to setup ourselves up for the future, and like it or not that future now includes a unified Xbox entertainment brand.

If you haven’t joined enConnected Social, please do! We want you to be a part of the conversation. We want to hear about your ideas, usage experiences, and stories related to Microsoft’s entertainment ecosystem!  If you do decide to take us up on the offer, send a friend request over for an immediate approval.

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