You might have noticed two differences last week. First, for the first time in a while, we managed to completely fill the homepage with new stories. Second, you may have noticed a new face around enConnected, the face of my longtime friend Unicron Social.

Unicron Social will be joining enConnected’s lineup of contributors and columnist effectively immediately, he has already shown a stunning understanding of how the Xbox community works, and how you can connect with them to build something special. His last posting, was nothing short of impressive. Unicron Social hails from the mother of all Zune-related sites ZuneScene originally, and began building a very informative site dedicated to Xbox LIVE Arcade soon after, XBL Vault.

Going forward he’ll be dishing out the very best in Xbox related content, and though I’m not leaving the Xbox beat entirely, most of the day to day posts will now come from his wise-cracking finger tips. Don’t worry, you’re in good hands. Please join me in welcome Unicron to Team enConnected. You can find him on Twitter @UnicronSocial or send him a friend request on enConnected Social .

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