After kicking off registration for it’s extremely limited Xbox LIVE Dashboard Beta via Microsoft Connect only yesterday, users are now getting their hands the latest innovations coming to the Xbox 360 this Fall.

From what we’ve been able to piece together from screenshots posted by The Verge and Windows Phone Central, the updated Xbox Dashboard will mark increase of the screen real estate that Microsoft uses for tiles currently, introduce better contextual searching, and add a few visual elements now only native to the Xbox applications on Windows 8 like the category arrow. The gray gradient has also been toned down, giving you the ability to fully see two-thirds of the background you’ve set on your profile.

Most notably this Beta also seems to include the Internet Explorer for Xbox LIVE app we heard about at E3, which mimics the look and feel of Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. Lastly, this marks the first release sans any Zune branding at all, confirming Microsoft’s plans to revert Zune Video back to Xbox Video only three years after the brand first made it’s debut on the platform. Of course it’ll join the already announced rebranding of Zune Music, also included in the Beta. We’ll have more as it becomes available.

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