The weather is frosty and the kids have settled back down into their daily school routines but that chill you feel in the air isn’t the emptiness of your nest after 8:00 nor a positively dreadful fall rain coming your way. It’s the shutter that can only come from knowing that copy of NBA 2k12 that you purchased last year is about to be shown up by this year’s model.

Launching October 2nd, NBA 2K13 once again threatens to take the basketball simulation franchise to a new level of realism that can only come from being able to play the game with Kinect enabled controls. No, it isn’t a  Kinect sensor only affair but we can all agree that’s a good thing.

Those of you who can’t get enough of horror games will also be thrilled as Resident Evil 6 will also make it’s way to store shelves October 2nd. Let’s be honest here.  Those of you who were itching to pick up the world’s premiere post-apocalyptic franchise have got to be excited for the level of story telling this title will bring to players.

Just in case you weren’t persuaded to spend a little of that hard earned cash by this week’s AAA titles, there’s also Carrier Command : Gea Mission releasing on October 2nd and Sonic Adventure 2 HD making it’s way to Xbox LIVE Arcade on October 3rd. Sure you don’t get to make Carmelo Anthony look like the overrated goon that he is in real-life but we can’t all have our cake and eat it too.

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