A few of us around the office have been salivating profusely, just waiting for an announcement on the AT&T’s line-up of Windows Phones. We’re not exactly the patient types, you understand. To hell with patience and it’s all-important virtues thought, AT&T is finally letting the cat out of the bag.

Starting in November 9th AT&T will offer the Nokia Lumia 920 for $99 with a free Nokia wireless charging plate and the Nokia Lumia 820 for $49.99.

Pricing isn’t as straight forward with the Windows Phone 8x. Those in the market for that device will need to choose between an a 16GB device for $199.99 and a 8GB variant for $99. As standard here in the United States, are pricing is strictly in conjunction with a data plan and a two-year service contract.

Update Just as AT&T announced yesterday morning, preorders for it’s Windows Phone lineup appear to now be live on AT&T.com but aren’t currently working as we reported a short time ago.


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