First, the world got a taste of what the next generation of Windows computing was all about with Microsoft’s Surface back in October. Now the folks in Redmond are talking details on it’s sibling, the Surface Pro including pricing.

Soon you’ll be able to pick up the Intel Core i5 powered touch screen tablet running the 64-bit version of Windows 8 with 4GB of RAM. Yes, we’re talking a tablet with the same version of Windows 8 that  just as powerful as the PC you’re probably reading this right now.  This version also includes a USB 3.0 port, HD video out and a digital pen for those who prefer user interaction paradigms like digital notebooks.

The Microsoft Surface with Windows 8 Pro will debut “in early 2013” in 64GB for $899 and 128 GB for $999. Neither will ship with a Touch Cover or Type Cover included though, just a with it’s Windows RT powered brethren -you’ll be able to purchase both separately.

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