By all standards currently known to mammals capable of higher brain functions, the Windows Phone 8X by HTC is a gorgeous device. In fact we remember brainstorming about ways to do something about that “California blue” coloring. With DecalGirl skins now you can.

For $9.99 Windows Phone 8X owners can order a DecalGirl branded skin to compliment their personality, accent color, or anything else their heart desires -we’re pretty fond of Solid State Black ourselves.  Each artist skin purchase also includes a lockscreen wallpaper for those who really want to keep the theme going, and all skins come in matte or high-gloss finishes.

Nokia Lumia owner’s shouldn’t fret. We’ve already inquired on your behalf and according to reps:

“Nokia Lumia 920 is on our suggestion list and will most likely be up on the website sometime in January but that is only an estimated time frame I can give. “

We’ll let you know when those skins, as well as support for other Windows Phone devices arrive on the scene.

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