During this console generation Microsoft has accomplished many things. They’ve held their own with a decent line up of exclusive titles, out-innovated competitors attempts at motion gaming, made progress on releasing a mind boggling number of video and musical content focused applications, and introduced live sports. What haven’t they done? Make an attempt at reeling in the Fantasy League crowd, until now.

Starting today, Microsoft is rolling out Sports Picks, an effort that seems to be focused squarely on reeling in the ESPN Fantasy Sports crowd were you can, “make picks, compete with your Xbox LIVE friends and fight for domination of the leaderboard”. As we’re not the best at these types of things we’ll leave it to better men and women to judge Microsoft’s stab at getting the ESPN crowd to stick in front of their Xbox to compete with their friends sports knowledge chops just that much longer.

Additionally the company is rolling out new SmartGlass capabilities to it’s existing ESPN on Xbox LIVE and NBA Game Time applications. Now you’ll be able to browse both applications wealth of content and statistics straight from your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

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