We’d be lying to you if we said, weren’t hadn’t been up to our designer knickers in bugs with our Windows Phone 8X, and word on the street is that Nokia Lumia 920 owners are in just as fed up with the some of the rough edges in the shipping version of Windows Phone 8. Users rejoice, the next update to Windows Phone codenamed “Portico” is on the way.

According to T-Mobile version 8.0.10211.204 will also accompany a firmware update that will nix many of the issues currently plaguing users including Bluetooth failure, random rebooting, browser routing.

AT&T is also confirming it’ll be rolling out an update to it’s exclusive devices, the Nokia Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 to address the same Bluetooth failure, and random rebooting issues that the Windows Phone 8X users are experiencing though interestingly enough there’s no word on when that carrier’s variant of the 8X will be updated as well. Lumia 920 owners should note that this update will also enhance the camera processing software of the Nokia Lumia 920’s PureView camera.

Portico will also introduce new features to all Windows Phone 8 devices including the ability to send SMS messages when rejecting a call, and the ability to mass select SMS messages. The entire update according to both T-Mobile USA and AT&T won’t require you to plug in your computer via USB, something that’ll be a first for users of Microsoft’s mobile platform.


Via WPCentral, looks like T-Mobile has decided to hold of on the aforementioned update to 8X owners. We’ll update you the moment T-Mobile announces any further plans.

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