Everyday we get to report on the latest in Xbox gaming, however it’s not every day that we get to report on how you can take part in the time-honored tradition of kicking someone’s rear in a game while giving to those who deserve our help the most. Gamers Outreach will be offering such an opportunity during Gamers for Giving 2013.

February 16th – 17th, the Gamers Outreach Foundation and Intel LANFEST will host a LAN party and gaming tournament to benefit the former’s initiatives in providing video games to soldiers abroad and to those in hospitals across the country. The festivities will include tournaments involving of all last year’s popular titles including, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, Halo 4, StarCraft 2, and League of Legends and hopes to raise a grand total of $15,000 during it’s weekend at Eastern Michigan University.

Though we won’t be able to work the event into our hectic Early 2013 schedule, we’ll be providing coverage from the event all weekend remotely and broadcasting it’s live feed courtesy of Twitch.tv.


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