Across this great planet of ours, humans are putting down their late morning coffee, giving up their last vestiges of Holiday 2012 and being forced back into that hell we all call work, just to earn a bottom dollar. What can you do to protect your self from this, that most ghastly of prisons? If you’ve got an Xbox LIVE account, you could take advantage of discounted Season Passes on your favorite CBS shows and waste those afternoon hours like they’re still of the Yuletide variety.

Those who do chose to do so can pick up the entire currently running seasons of How I Met Your Mother for $39.99, Elementary for $24.99, Hawaii Five-0 for $29.99, and NCIS for $34.99.

Now, we can’t guarantee that this will stop the steady rise of the End of the Holidays Menace forever, but at least you can access to a few good laughs as a consolation prize if it doesn’t work.

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