Seems like just yesterday Nokia was talking up the Nokia PureView 808 during last year’s Mobile World Congress. If we remember correctly, that same tree didn’t bear fruit for the Windows Phone faithful as Nokia was in the middle of their year long transition to Windows Phone. Maybe they’ll have more luck during Nokia’s press event at this year’s event on February 25th.

Unfortunately, there are currently no solid rumors on what to expect from the House of Espoo, at least none that we feel are worthy of spreading. While we won’t be able to attend, you can bet your bottom dollar we’ll be following along remotely to bring you any major announcements from the event.

2 Comments on “Nokia to hold press event during Mobile World Congress”

  1. Rumors are we will be seeing a 41Mp Windows Phone soon. Personally, I am waiting more for the fabled aluminum body “Catwalk” that is rumored. Here is what I am hoping to see:
    – Minimum 4.5″form factor. Love my Titan 4.7. Who would quibble?
    – Large memory capacity (64GB) or expandable memory
    – Pureview, though not sure 41Mp
    – Super Amoled, etc. All the Nokia bells and whistles

    I love my HTC. But there is not an HTC available for Windows Phone 8 yet that makes switching from my Titan desirable. While my memory is nearing capacity, the form factor, slim body, tough exterior and screen size compel me to wait.

    However, the future is looking bleak for HTC, unless they were to pull a Nokia and jump into the WP8 pool, forsaking Android. If a viable alternative arrives with better specs, I will move, in particular with Nokia apps and exclusives, that does look attractive.

    Fortunately, with the release of WP7.8, I have a little more breathing room. I can afford to wait, as the new Start screen and color options have breathed new life into my current handset. I can afford to wait now to see what the next 3-8 months will bring.

    • I must say, I’m not regretting my decision to pick up the HTC 8X, though my first choice was still the Lumia 920. I can’t wait to see what they’ve got to show us.

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