Today, Microsoft is kicking off the voting portion of it’s Xbox Video Awards.

The Awards program, which was first announced a few weeks ago on, seeks to honor the best in video entertainment that debuted this past year. Instead of focusing on the more technical aspect of video gaming making such as “Best Pixel Art” the awards seeks to offer categories tailored to Xbox LIVE’s audience.

Voting won’t be voting confined to the Xbox 360 Dashboard, users will have make their voices heard via a vote on two separate areas depending on the categories they wished to vote in. For example ‘Favorite Use of Archery’, and ‘Favorite Use of Zombies’ are both available for voting only on Xbox Video Awards’ Facebook page, while the Xbox LIVE Dashboard voting booth houses ‘Favorite Future Vision’ and ‘Favorite Bromance’.

Those who choose to visit the Xbox Video Awards Facebook page will also be treated to question and answer sessions with Star Trek: Into Darkness director J.J. Abrams. You can find the first of his video messages above.

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