Somehow or another, we missed it but enConnected Social user Mark Richey, was on the case. Apparently, Microsoft has rolled out an updated version of it’s desktop syncing application for Windows Phone 8 users.

Starting immediately, users will be able to sync podcasts from iTunes, editable libraries and get updates to the application automatically to their Windows Phones using the application.

There are no updates on when these updates might arrive to users of the Modern Window application. You can download the updated application here.

One Comment on “From The Social: Microsoft Updates Windows Phone 8 Sync App”

  1. You had a good call on this one that the Metro aka Modern aka Windows 8 app would be on the way. Just released today.

    This is part of what makes the whole Windows 8 experience a little bi-polar…schizophrenic…loopy. I intentionally uninstalled the Metro app the other day when the new desktop version came out. I found the Metro version to be borderline worthless. Lots of eye candy, but no substance. So I tried the desktop and you likely read my reaction. Some better functionality, but butt ugly and missing all the things that made Zune so compelling.

    But having both on a system, unlike my Skype, is not good, as a connection causes both to open. So I took off the Metro app.

    Ideally, though, that is where it should reside. So today, once I wrench the phone away from my 6 year old, I’ll give the Metro app another try.

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