It doesn’t take much for some users to see the value in picking up a special edition Xbox 360 controller. Seriously, we know folks who’ll instantly pick up anything that’s labeled “special edition”, just for kicks. For those of us who aren’t as easily swayed comes the new Special Edition Gold controller for the Xbox 360. As its name might suggest it’ puts your money right where you can see it — figuratively of course.

According to Microsoft’s Larry Hyrb at MajorNelson, the new controller will go on sale this August for $54.99. It won’t be available in all stores though, instead GameStop and the Microsoft Store will get dibs on these babies. Those outside the use will be able to pick them up at other retailers.

We’re inclined to think that you shouldn’t be making it huge Xbox accessory related purchases this close to the launch of the Xbox One, however if you’re already in the market for a new controller anyway, why not?

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