Sure, the Xbox One is all hot stuff, but let’s be real. We wouldn’t mind hearing slightly less about what’s coming to users who shell out $500 for a new Xbox, and more about the updates coming to the console that’s already in millions of living rooms around the world. Starting today, Microsoft is taking sign-ups for beta users of the update coming to the Xbox 360 sometime this year.

In a post on MajorNelson, Microsoft says that this dashboard update will “improve overall performance for Xbox 360 users. This update will also put an end to the Microsoft Points micro-transaction system that Xbox LIVE users have had to put up with for some time. Instead of culling through sign-up requests, the update will be open to anyone who navigates to the Dashboard Beta application on their 360.

During this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo, Microsoft also said that the look and feel of the Xbox One would be coming to the Xbox 360 later this year.

Those who get the 2013 Xbox 360 Dashboard Update will be required to agree to a non-disclosure agreement, for what Microsoft says is “security reasons”. However, let’s be serious here. Opening this thing up to everyone pretty much guarantees that it’ll be leaked in detail.

As enConnected Social user Mark Richey points out, this update beta will be open to all Xbox LIVE enabled users except for Japan. Microsoft does indicate that it will make its way to Japanese users at some point.

Microsoft has not said when these beta users can expect the update on their systems.

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  1. I cry when I am stuck, but I will get a chance to try it out on my main ID. After all, this is just the beta. Obviously, many features will not be available and yes, I would imagine it will come to Japan sooner or later, though likely in crippled form.

    Making it look like in the long run, picking up the region-free One will be in my future eventually. Have to see how this all plays out.

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