What do you get when you put four millionaires who are responsible for the world’s best-selling duck call, two guys who like to explore the plausibility of myths and a group of men who fish the Alaskan depths for imperial crab gold? You get this week’s 50% off sale in the Xbox Video Store. For this week only users can save big on a large slate of shows including Duck Dynasty, Deadliest Catch, and Mythbusters.

Users can pick up Duck Dynasty Season 3 for 10.00, Deadliest Catch Season 9 for $26.99, Mythbusters Seasons 3-6 for $13.99, Bering Sea Gold Season One for $9.99, Gold Rush Seasons 1 for $10.99, Storage Wars Season 3 for $16.00, Flying Wild Alaska Seasons 1-2 for $12.99, American Loggers for $9.99, Swamp Loggers for Season 1-2 for $9.99, Gangland Season 5 for $4.99, Surviving The Cut for $5.99, Dual Survival Season One for $9.99 and Beyond Scared Straight Seasons 1-3 for as little as $3.99.

The sale also includes America’s Next Top Model Season 19 for $10, Unforgettable Season 1 for $11.50, Hawaii Five-O for $19.50 and CSI Seasons 1-11 for $18.50 or lower.

Additionally, the British invasion also seems to be picking up steam. The 50% boasts discounts seasons of Doctor Who Season 1 for $11.99, Doctor Who: Best of Specials Season 1 for $2.99, Bedlam Season 1 for $4.99, Being Human Season 1 for $4.99, Primeval Season 2 for $11.99, Torchwood Season 1 for $10.99, Jekyll Season 1 for $5.99 Merlin for $9.99, Misfits Season One for $4.99 and Robin Hood Season One for $10.99.

Now, how you explain the fact that you just spent a pretty large amount of your weekly Starbucks allowance on dozens of televisions shows is up to you. We suggest, gently.

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