So you are your friends are already have dreams of heart pounding, face smashing, kick-boxing like action? Of course you are, because this weekend you can watch UFC 163 on Xbox LIVE.

Broadcasting from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil this weekend, Xbox LIVE users will be able to get octagon-side seats as Aldo fights “The Korean Zombie” for supremacy. The featherweight fight starts at 10 P.M. Eastern Standard Time so make so you get the kids in bed.

In addition to watching a live stream of the fight, watchers will also be able to use their Xbox 360’s Kinect sensor to look at the fight cards of both athletes as well event previews. UFC’s SmartGlass experience will also be on full display for everyone to check out as well.

Pay-per-view for UFC 163 prices range from $54.99 in high-definition to $44.99 for standard definition viewing.

Now, at no point are we condoning the ultra-violence that happens on UFC, but that isn’t to say we won’t be watching too. Just, don’t tell anyone.

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