Just three weeks after Microsoft announced that it would be cutting the price of it’s Surface RT tablet by $150, it is now cutting the price of the Surface Pro tablet as well.

Starting immediately, users can pick up the Surface Pro with 64GB of onboard storage for just $799. Users looking for a little more storage capacity can purchase the 128GB Surface Pro for just $899. Both prices represent a cost reduction of exact $100. Microsoft Store did not indicate that these were temporary price cuts so users may have a little bit of breathing room in picking one up instead of some limited time offer.

Unlike the Surface RT, the Surface Pro will allow users to install applications to the desktop. Surface Pro also has a built-in digitizer for pen input — it includes the Surface Pen inside the box. Microsoft seems to be avoiding any real price cuts on the Surface Touch and Type Keyboards. Since offering one of each free with the purchase of a Surface RT or Surface Pro earlier this summer, they’ve both returned to their $119 and $130 price points.

2 Comments on “The Surface Pro gets a price cut of it’s own”

  1. The bad news is: Unlike the Surface RT, the Surface Pro doesn’t come with Microsoft Office included, so look to spend more.

    The good news is: Office won’t set you back $399 if you opt for the $99/year subscription of Office 365, which also comes with 20 GB bonus storage on SkyDrive.

    • Good call on that Shawn. Even Office Home & Student would set Surface Pro users back another $129 a year.

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