Small developers looking to create their own titles for the Xbox One will finally have a level playing field to so when Microsoft launches ID@Xbox, its new program designed to empower independent developers with the tools necessary to create in-depth titles.

Announced this morning at the GamesCom trade show in Germany, ID@Xbox will allow small developers to create their own Xbox One games just as easily as large development houses like Call of Duty maker Activision. Instead of having to partner with a publisher as is the case with the Xbox 360, Xbox One ID@Xbox developers will be allowed to publish their games alone, they’ll also be able to include all of the same functionality that users might expect from an Xbox One game. That includes the ability to create games that have gamerscore, Xbox SmartGlass functionality and Kinect controls.

Best of all, these games will appear alongside their corporate funded counterparts in what Microsoft is calling the Xbox Store.

So far, we’ve been unable to find any information on how revenue sharing between Microsoft and members of the program. However, we’ll update this story when we do.

This combined with the Xbox One’s upcoming ability to act as a developer kit so that small studios don’t need to purchase new expensive upgrades, means the barrier to entry for creating Xbox games has never been lower.

The Xbox One is scheduled to launch sometime this November.

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