Ammitedly, it’s not to often that we get to post about some decent deals in the Windows Phone app space. Sure, the operating system and the phones that power it are gaining momentum, slowly. Really, the problem is that most deals in the Windows Phone Store come and go by the time we can find them. Don’t fret though, staring this week, we’ll be keeping a closer on the Windows Phone Store’s weekly Red Stripe Deals. This week, Windows Phone users can pick up Modern Combat 4, myMoneyBook, and Crazy Machines Golden Gears for 50% off.

As you might expect in Modern Combat 4, users shoot things. Yeah, it’s not the most original concept, but the action is well paced and looks gorgeous. Plus it’s built-in Xbox achievements certainly isn’t giving us second thoughts about picking up the title.

The functionality of myMoneyBooks is equally self explanatory. From just $1.49, Windows Phone users can manage their entire clash flow.

Vivia Media’s Crazy Machines Golden Gears, did took us a bit to figure. An puzzle game, players are tasked with figuring out an endless amount of contraptions based on given action words. Users can also make their own levels. At just $1.49 it’s worth if you like a challenge.

Remember, these deals ago away in just a week, so you’ve got until then to take advantage of their lower prices. Also, avail yourself of the free trials for apps you are unsure about.

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