All Netflix users can enable the company’s SuperHD video stream on their accounts. At least, many of them can.

The company announced the change this week, signaling one of its final pushes in establishing SuperHD as the streaming option it hopes more users adopt sooner rather than later. Although its likely most users won’t be able to tell the difference between a SuperHD streaming video and a standard 1080p streaming video, Netflix says that videos using its SuperHD streaming technology are less compressed than videos streaming with the 1080p standard.

Unfortunately, and this is where we get to the “sort of” part mentioned in the headline, only users watching Netflix through certain devices will have access to the technology. Right now it’s only available through the Netflix applications on the TiVo Premiere DVR, Nintendo Wii U, Roku with 1080p, Apple TV with 1080p, Sony PlayStation 3 and Windows 8 PCs through the company’s Windows Store app. Also, the service only works for users who’ve signed up with Netflix. While Comcast and a few other internet service providers have joined the initiative, availability isn’t universal.

To enable SuperHD, just head over to Netflix’ website. Sign in and change your streaming quality from My Account menu.

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