If you’ve been trying to get some hands-on time with Microsoft’s Xbox One console ahead of its release then things are looking up. After a few dropped dates and cancelled events, Microsoft representatives are once again on the road showing off their next-generation entertainment console.

At least, that is the impression that the Xbox One Tour website gives off. As of right now most of the tour’s dates are set again. We heard from more than a few users who felt slighted by Microsoft after the company began rearranging dates in Colorado and Washington D.C. this past weekend.

Unfortunately, the schedule changes also affected our plans to get some quality time with the console at one of the Xbox One TestDrive stops this weekend. We’ll let you know when we have anything set in stone.

For now, its best that everyone planning to get time with the console at one of its stops simply head to the Xbox One Tour website before rearranging any plans.

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