So you’ve had all the family togetherness, awkward dates, spoiled sports stars and overrated high-brow writing you can take this weekend? We’ve compiled The Favs, some of the best connected entertainment stories from this past week. It’s all that you need to feed for intellectual growth — short of going back to work tomorrow morning. Some of it is original reporting, and some of it is the work of others.

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Xbox / Gaming

What to do with the old and busted hotness once you’ve gotten the new hotness.

You’ve already placed a pre-order for the new Xbox One and PlayStation 4?  You’ve got an interesting problem then. What do you do with your old console once you’ve upgraded? Polygon explores console trade-ins and a few other methods to let your console age gracefully. Sell it, keep it, trash it: What to do with your PS3 and Xbox 360


How Halo Got The Star Wars Treatment

Having finally begun to move away from the Halo video game franchise it left with Microsoft, former Halo creator Bungie says that’s that it worked really hard to make sure that its upcoming Destiny game wouldn’t give users the same feeling. In fact, Bungie describes the game as more  Star Wars than anything else. Destiny: How Halo got The Star Wars Treatment

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