Longtime Xbox users woke up to some very good news this morning. Those with years of Xbox activity, a decent Gamerscore and a bit of luck received reservations for free Xbox One consoles, launch games and more.

Emails began going out to eligible users this morning, with Xbox’s Twitter Support confirming that the emails were legitimate. Microsoft later confirmed that it distributed the rewards based on tenure, Xbox LIVE Activity and other factors.

The loyalty rewards came in the form of three different tiers. Many used received emails informing them that they’d receive all of the downloadable content for Killer Instinct when the free-to-play game launches later this month. Instead of Killer Instinct DLC, some users received eligibility codes inviting them to call the Microsoft Store to redeem a free Xbox One along with a copy of Forza 5. A smaller group of users received eligibility codes for a free Xbox One, a copy of many of the console’s launch titles, a year of Xbox LIVE and a year of Xbox Music.

Users who received either of the console bundles are encouraged to place their order with Microsoft as soon as they can. The email also indicates that those who call first will be among the first to receive their Xbox One.

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