Any Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox or SkyDrive users should take note of the new security features Microsoft is offering to users with a Microsoft Account.

Detailed in a blog post this morning, these new security features are designed to give users even greater control of the Microsoft Account. The slate of new features includes the ability for users to control how they get security notifications, a new recovery code system for allowing users to recover their accounts if they’ve changed the address that they used in the company’s two-step verification process and a new recent activity log that lets users track where and when their account is being used.

Of the three security features, it’s likely that recent activity will directly have the most impact on users. Using it, folks with a Microsoft Account will finally be able to monitor their account in real-time. Using the tool, Microsoft Account holders will have the tools they need to accurately track which systems are using their Microsoft Account and from where it was last accessed.

Microsoft says it will roll out the feature additions over time. Anyone who creates a gamertag on Xbox or an account on of Microsoft’s recent operating systems automatically have a Microsoft Account.

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