Since the Xbox One debuted on November 22nd, users have been clamoring to forums and public support areas to beg for fixes to the console’s operating system. Thankfully, Microsoft is delivering the first Xbox One update today.

Microsoft is deploying an update that it hopes will squash the Xbox One’s issues with connecting to user’s smartphones and tablets running the Xbox SmartGlass application beginning tonight. The update will also address the issues users were having with multiplayer, inconsistent notifications, and performance when browsing around the new Xbox One Dashboard.

Microsoft’s MajorNelson says that users should expected “improvements for Xbox One’s TV, system update and content update services for scaling over time” too.There’s also a new wireless driver to deal with the low connectivity issues some users have reported.

Consoles connected to the internet with the Instant On feature should automatically download the update beginning at 5 PM PST. Users will then be promoted to install the update the next time they boot their console. As updates completely power down the system, gamers will need to use the console’s power button to turn on their Xbox One following the update. All internet connected Xbox One users will be prompted to install the update beginning December 12th.

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