Gamers who purchased Sim City, the simulation title that tasks users with managing vast regions of unspoiled landscapes and turning them into profitable metropolitan areas, are in for a well deserved feature: the ability to play the game offline.

Maxis, Sim City’s developers announced the feature this morning, saying that users would get the opportunity to manage their cities and regions without an internet connection in the Update 10 game refresh that’s due out sometime soon. That update will also enable enthusiasts to release their own mods or modifications for others to play inside their offline game.

If Sim City sounds familiar that’s because it’s the same online-only game that Maxis and Electronic Arts, the game’s publisher, released last year. Despite initially receiving high marks for its recreation of the original game, reviewers quickly moved to pan the title after it released worldwide and Maxis’ servers crashed, leaving users without a working version of Sim City and out of around $60.

The company didn’t announce an exact day for Update 10’s launch, it did reveal that the update is already in testing.

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