Netflix is teaming up with the Weinstein Company to create a television series based on the life and times of Marco Polo. That’s not a joke.

Netflix announced the upcoming original show in a press release this week. It then instantly attempted to reassure everyone that Polo’s story is worth exploring, saying that “The epic adventures of Marco Polo, a kinetic tale of high politics, masterful manipulation and deadly warfare among empires” would première sometime in late 2014.

As the company is promising 13th century Chinese scenery, martial arts and “political skullduggery,” clearly we’re on board. In fact, the show seems to have a damn good pedigree with Game of Thrones’ Dan Minahan and John Ronning, and Espen Sandberg on the production staff. It also doesn’t hurt that Netflix is the same production house the created the revamped House of Cards.

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