Fans of the Netflix series House of Cards already know that there’s very little that Washington D.C. operatives can do to keep the series’ title character Frank Underwood from devouring the competition and taking his rightful place in the halls of power. He’s ruthless and unrelenting. About the only thing that could have stopped the fictional member of the United States House of Representatives was a cancellation by Netflix. That’s not the case anymore.

Netflix has announced that it’s already renewed House of Cards for a third season, according to Deadline. For those keeping track, this renewal comes before the series’ second season is scheduled to become available to Netflix subscribers on February 14th. The announcement also comes as Netflix is informing investors that it plans to take on $400 million in new debt to fund its own original programming.

Whether taking on that new debt makes sense for Netflix’s business remains to be seen. However, the company’s strategy of producing its own programming while providing access to other’s content seems to be working. Netflix announced that it now has 44 million subscribers. That’s not as decent as HBO’s 100 million, but its a respectable amount regardless.

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