The living room gaming landscape is just getting all kinds of competitive. After squeaking past Sony’s PlayStation 4 to secure the most sold console spot in December, the Xbox One has now fallen to second place behind it in terms of pure hardware sales for January according to NPD Group.

To be clear, we don’t yet know how many of each console made it into users hands, however information shared by NPD, a market research firm, indicates that the PlayStation 4 managed to outsell the Xbox One in the United States. We’re still waiting for a press release from Sony, however Microsoft has already taken to Xbox Wire to provide its take on NPD’s findings. In the statement, Microsoft plays up the Xbox One’s usage statistics and indicates that its current-generation console owners have purchased on average 2.7 games each.

The post also indicates that the Xbox platform, that is the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, controlled 47 percent of the gaming software market in the living room. The press release also gently reminds users that Microsoft is expecting Titanfall to significantly boost sales.


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