We hadn’t even yet settled into our favorite chair to bring you news about Batman: Arkham Knight, the newly announced Xbox One, PC and PS4 game, before GameStop leaked out more information about the upcoming title. According to the retailer, users can expect the game to launch on October 14th.

To be clear, developer Rocksteady Games and Batman: Arkham Knight’s publisher, Warner Brothers Interactive haven’t announced a final release date for the game. The two did post a new trailer of the video game to YouTube and have confirmed that users will be able to drive the Batmobile for the first time.

All told, we don’t yet know much about the game except that it’s being created by the only game development studio to have successfully made a super hero video game that stands up on its own without a direct movie licensing agreement.

GameStop says users who pre-order the game there will get to play as Harley Quinn.

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