Did you know that a subscription to Xbox Music also includes free music video streaming? We suspect you didn’t but at least Microsoft is finding new ways to get the word out about the underutilized feature. Music video streaming is now available with an Xbox Music Pass on the Xbox One.

As detailed on Xbox Wire, instead of focusing on simply enabling the music video streaming, Microsoft has combined music video and default music playback on the Xbox One. Starting today the Xbox Music service will automatically replace any single song with the accompanying music video if it’s included in a Radio stream or playlist.

Many new subscribers to Xbox Music might not remember, but back in the old days when Xbox Music Pass was still called the Zune Music Pass, users could actually stream the service’s entire catalog of music videos for free. When Microsoft went back to basics and gutted most of the ecosystem that feature was turned on its head and music video streaming disappeared from everything except the Xbox 360.

Hopefully, Microsoft has plans to roll out this kind of functionality as an option on the other Xbox Music apps. Simply allowing users to stream music video somewhere other than their living room wouldn’t hurt either.

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