Titanfall Xbox One Bundle buyers were all smug last week. Did you see them, with their Xbox One and free digital copy of Titanfall? Well, here’s one for the other guys. Starting next week, users will also have the option to purchase an Xbox One with Forza 5 at no additional charge. 

To be clear, Microsoft isn’t handing users a copy of Forza 5 with the new bundles its selling in the United States. Instead, the game will ship as a prepaid digital code that users must redeem for the free game download from Xbox Live. That being said, Forza 5 Xbox One bundle buyers don’t have much to get upset about other than that. Microsoft is making the console and game bundle available at $499, the same price it would cost someone to purchase just an Xbox One a few months ago.

All told, that’s $60 users get to keep in their pocket. Today’s posting about the new bundle on Major Nelson doesn’t list what retailers in the United States will get the new bundle next week. Microsoft already ships a free code for FIFA 14 with every Xbox One sold in the United Kingdom.

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