Have you been trying to get your hands on Titanfall but you weren’t excited about waiting in front of a GameStop in the cold weather with a blanket and a pipe dream? Good news, you can head to the Xbox Game Store to buy the game now.

What’s expected to be this year’s biggest launch arrived in the Xbox Game Store at just moments ago. As it’s a new release you’ll need to drop the same $60 as other gamers buying physical copies at gaming stores around the country. It’s also worth noting that buying a season pass for $24.99 will get users all of Titanfall’s downloadable content as it becomes available.

Xbox 360 users will need to hold their horses. Remember, EA and Respawn Entertainment announced that the Xbox 360 version of the game wouldn’t be making its way to store shelves until March 25th.

Make no mistake, this is a very big night for the Xbox One and Microsoft in general. The game is expected to boost sales of the Xbox One. All of the game’s servers are running on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform too — that includes the PC version.

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