Another week, another group of deals designed to get you to open your wallet and download some discounted titles as apart of the Xbox Live Deal of the Week. This week’s deals include Doodle Jump, Soulcalibur V and more.

The deal includes Enternal Sonata for $7.49, Sanctum 2, for $4.94, Earth Defense Force IA for $9.99, Retro City Rampage for $7.49,Doodle Jump for Kinect for $.99,Soulcalbur V for $3.74, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams for $4.94, Capsized for $4.99, Hexodus for $4.99, Foul Player for $4.94 and Runner2 for $4.94.

Of course, Xbox Live Gold users have until next Tuesday to pick up the deals — especially that copy of Doodle Jump for Kinect.

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