Netflix subscribers who didn’t get enough of Dr. Gregory House’s wise cracking and making a social cast-away out of himself during it’s run on Fox can now stream the entirety of House M.D. on Netflix.

Netflix announced that the show’s entire run would be available on Netflix earlier this week. Since then, users have chatted endlessly about having the episodes available with a push of a button on their remote. House M.D., follows House, (played by Hugh Laurie) as he tries to cure very ill patients with his razor-sharp mind, slick wit and sharp jabs. Production of the show wrapped in 2012.

Fans of mystery series and hospital shows will fill right at home watching it, even if House does make the modest hermit in every room squirm just a bit with his attitude and antics. Of course, users will need a subscription to Netflix to watch the show. Watching it on the Xbox One or Xbox 360 will require an Xbox Live Gold subscription as well.

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