Until Watch Dogs’ launch on May 27th you’re bound to hear a lot of talk about how it compares to Grand Theft Auto 5. Make no mistake, a new video showcasing what users can expect doesn’t do that much to dispel that feeling.

Ubisoft showed off three of the modes that users can expect when Watch Dogs debuts on the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3 and Windows PCs late next month. The first of those is a system that allows other Watch Dogs players to hack another’s game. Players are tasked with putting an end to the hacking by finding the person and escaping by hacking different parts of Chicago’s infrastructure.

Another multiplayer mode in the game requires players to download ctOS, a companion app that’ll launch along with the game. One player uses the ctOS app to track and trap a gamer playing Watch Dogs on their console. Presumably, that app will be available on both iOS and Android. Ubisoft PR manager Jay Acevedo confirmed that Windows Phone users won’t get the ctOS app with enConnected just moments ago.

The final game mode puts users in a Capture The Flag-like situation. Players are tasked with being the first to obtain and hack a specific set of encrypted information. They’ll need to use the usual assortment of guns to stop the other team from getting to that data first. Players can use their character’s mobile phone to add ground cover and take on enemies.

All told, it’s not a bad offering. Especially considering Watch Dogs will be the only game of its kind available to next generation console users. That should allow the game to sell a bit faster than if it’d launched in the shadow of Grand Theft Auto 5 last year. Grand Theft Auto 5 players are tasked with completing heists and races against each other to earn more cash. Watch Dog players will earn more skills as they play these multiplayer modes.

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