Remember back in the day, when Zune was a part of the Bing search results? If you looked for a group (let’s say U2), then you’d be presented with a lot of U2 related information, including a chance to sample some of their music. When Zune was being discontinued, that feature went away to the degree that you were pointed to places like MySpace.

Well, now, Xbox Music has taken back the reigns.

On a recent search for U2 (don’t ask), I came across those same music samplers, in the right-hand column. However, when I pushed the play button, I was whisked away to the Xbox Music website where the song started playing. I’m glad to see that Xbox Music is now part of the Bing web search as this brings greater awareness not only to the service, itself, but to the fact that listening to music through the website is free for everyone.



Much like with Zune, I’m sure you won’t get the same type of experience with every possible music artist, but this is a cool partnership between Xbox Music and Bing.

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