There’s no telling how your Friday is going, but a single announcement from Saban Entertainment and Lionsgate films is about to turn your morning from drab to absolutely “Morphinominal.” Power Rangers, the television show and movie franchise that inspired an entire generation to buy toys, Power Coins and 12-inch megazords, will return to theaters.

Saban Entertainment formally discussed the new movie deal with Lionsgate earlier this week with the latter saying that they were “thrilled to be partnering with Haim Saban and his team to maximize the potential” of Power Rangers. If the movie production studio’s name sounds familiar it’s because Lionsgate has made a name for itself with teen and kid-oriented franchises like Twilight and The Hunger Games.

There’s no word on just how this new film will fit into the Power Rangers television series. Power Rangers Super Megaforce is already winding down, so it’s possible that the new movie will bridge the gap between Super Megaforce and their replacements. It’s been nearly two decades since Power Rangers last appeared in a movie theater, that film Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie introduced the third rendition of the teenage team of alien-fighting super heroes.

Clearly, we’re hoping Dr. Tommy Oliver, Zordon and Alpha 5 make an appearance in this upcoming film. We also wouldn’t mind Power Ranger SPD’s Commander Doggy Kruger leading this new team either. Saban says it will be the first in a series of films, according to Variety.

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