With the Electronic Entertainment Expo coming next month, it was only a matter of time before Microsoft decided to pull out all the stops to boost sales of the Xbox One. Today, the company fired its opening salvo against Sony and its PS4. Starting June 9th users will be able to pick up a version of the Xbox One without its Kinect 2 sensor for just $399.

Titled Delivering More Choices for Fans, the post that announced this new console is loaded with what’s now become Microsoft’s standard attack and retreat strategy saying, ” [Users] feedback is impacting the products” the company builds.

Effectively, Microsoft is recreating the exact conditions that led the original Kinect sensor to its demise. Users will be able to still purchase the now premium Xbox One bundle that includes Kinect, but starting today they can pre-order a version of the Xbox One that includes everything but the Kinect 2 sensor for $100 less.

While hitting a lower price could boost sales, Microsoft has effectively neutered the Xbox One. Outside of exclusive games and Snap multitasking there’s absolutely no reason to pick up Microsoft’s console over a PlayStation 4. The live television, voice and gesture control used to be a differentiator but all of that depended on the Kinect 2 sensor.

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