Microsoft may have only entered the PC hardware space back in 2012, but since doing so it’s stayed committed to ensuring that Windows users have premium device that can compete against the MacBook Air’s size and build quality. Today the company announced a new weapon, the Surface Pro 3.

To be clear, Microsoft hasn’t necessarily rethought the way it’s approaching the tablet and laptop space. The Surface Pro 3 is still essentially a tablet with a keyboard accessory and a kickstand. The difference here is that Microsoft has went on a problem solving spree. First, the Surface Pro 3 ditches the 10-inch display of the Surface Pro and Surface Pro 2 in favor of a high-definition 12-inch display.

Second, to ensure that users can replace their laptop and tablet with the Surface Pro 3, Microsoft worked with Intel to make the Surface Pro 3 thinner and lighter than the MacBook Air. Microsoft has also redesigned the Surface’s kickstand so that it is freely adjustable, finally ridding Surface Pro 3 users of the horrible accessories that are required to achieve that task today. That adjustable kickstand alone could prove well worth the price of upgrading for Surface Pro users at least.

Users will get a refreshed Surface pen and a charger when the Surface Pro 3 goes on sale tomorrow. Double clicking the button on the top of the pen will instantly open Microsoft’s OneNote note-taking application.

The Surface Pro 3 will be available for pre-order beginning tomorrow, May 21st at $799. It’ll be available in stores on June 20th.


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