It’s entirely likely that most people would have never thought they’d hear “seductress” used to describe a science fiction television show. Exciting maybe? Sure, Enchanting? Possibly, but seductress is a now category altogether that isn’t usually associated with the genre. Luckily for Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Windows users Microsoft is adding something else to that its of words. Starting today, Microsoft is giving away an entire season of Lost Girl absolutely free, and slashing the price newer seasons by 50%.

From now until, presumably next week anyone with access to Xbox Video can download the first season of the show for free.. Lost Girl follows a girl who decides to turn her back on tradition and seek out her own truth without any affiliation from the “fae.” Purchasing the show’s second season will cost users $15.79, while the third and fourth seasons going for $8.99. Pricing for HD versions of the show are a bit higher.


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