Users with a Windows Phone running the Windows Phone 8.1 Developer Preview can now move their files around the operating system, bringing the devices one step closer to being a perfect balance between the locked down nature of the iPhone and the free-for-all that is Google’s Android operating system.

Dubbed simply Files, this app will let users move files around on their Windows Phone. For example, users can now download files through one of the many Windows Phone 8 Bit-torrent clients or Internet Explorer and then move those files to their music, video or ringtones folders — all without ever having to plug into a PC. As All About Microsoft notes, Microsoft told users the app was coming earlier this month. Users can also create new folders and search for files stored on their Windows Phone device.

The big question is whether Microsoft will include this free Files app when it makes the final version of Windows Phone 8.1 available to users over the next two months. It’s that operating system that makes the Files app possible. Windows Phone 8.1 will come preloaded on a few devices like T-Mobile’s Lumia 635 soon.

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