Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users can now expect Batman: Arkham Knight to launch in 2015 instead of 2014 as Rocksteady Studios and Warner Brothers Interactive first said it would.

News of the change in release date came not in a press release, but at the tail end of a new video showing off the offensive and defensive capabilities of the Batmobile that’s going to heavily feature in the game whenever it does make it to store shelves. Though Rocksteady never announced an official release date, a leak from GameStop had indicted that Batman Arkham Knight would be released on October 14th. Clearly, that won’t be happening.

Thanks to this new trailer we now know that the Batmobile in Batman: Arkham Knight will include a riot suppressor, a machine gun and a missile launcher. Users will be able to call on the vehicle at random to aid them in taking down the bad guys that have invaded Gotham City. This new Batmobile will also have a combat mode that makes it more maneuverable.

Batman: Arkham Knight is only coming to the PlayStation 4, Windows PCs and the Xbox One. As such, users will have needed to upgraded to the latest consoles to play the title when it arrives.

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