Remember that Xbox One & Xbox 360 update that Microsoft promised would not require users to have an Xbox Live Gold subscription to use entertainment apps? It’s now on its way to your console.

Microsoft announced that it’d began deploying both updates to users today. Xbox 360 users should expect the unlocked apps to be the only feature included in today’s update.

The story is slightly more complex for Xbox One users. In addition to unlocked entertainment apps, Xbox One users can expect this, the June Xbox One Update, to add support for external storage, the option to use real names on Xbox Live, and a new hub that puts the benefits of Xbox Live Gold front and center. Plus, there’s a slightly redesigned Store area on the Xbox One’s Home Screen.

Xbox users have clamored for Microsoft to ditch the Xbox Live Gold requirement for entertainment apps for years. In theory, they resulted in more people subscribing to Xbox Live Gold just to have access to Netflix and Hulu Plus. Unfortunately, users ended up paying for two subscriptions just to use apps everyone can use on rival platforms. For example, Netflix users were forced to pay $9.99 for Xbox Live plus $8.99 for the service itself.

Of course, gamers will want to continue paying for Xbox Live. It’ll still be needed to play online with other Xbox Live users and to get the free games and discounts including in the Xbox Live Deals With Gold and Games With Gold promotions.

There’s no way to manually trigger an update on the Xbox 360. Users will be automatically prompted to download the update to their console when its ready. Xbox One users should open the Settings app and looking under System Settings to start their console’s update.

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