Netflix is working with Scholastic, one of the world’s largest publishers of independent books, to launch an exclusive remake of the most popular and longest running kids science show to ever air in the United States. Ms. Frizzle and Bus will feature in a top-to-bottom remake of The Magic School Bus, called The Magic School Bus 360 Degrees.

Netflix announced the reimagining of the iconic science show from the 1990s earlier this week, saying that this new version will showcase all branches of science when it makes its début in 2016. Liz and Bus are both coming back, but there’s absolutely no word on if any of her students will make a return. Netflix says this version of the show will be completely computer animated.

The Magic School Bus originally ran for four complete seasons. In each episode Bus, the titular character, and Ms. Frizzle took students into cool and dangerous places to study different science topics. One of the most memorable episodes of the show involved Ms. Frizzle taking her group of students on a grand tour of the Sol system.

Today all four seasons of The Magic School Bus are available to Netflix subscribers to stream. Only Netflix subscribers will be able to watch The Magic School Bus 360 Degrees when it makes its début.

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