Scientists like to talk about how Star Trek, the world-famous show about a crew of explorers on a five-year mission through deep space, inspired an entire generation. Many say it lead them to look at astrophysics or other related sciences as potential careers. Other fans say that the gadgets seen on the show helped spark their love of technology. There’s also a third group of people, viewers who saw the show and decided to make episodes of their own. It’s that group that Wired’s new Obsessed videos chronicle.

Obsessed dives into all the details that are involved in creating a fan show that completely mimics the original Star Trek in almost every way, Star Trek Continues. Continues doesn’t just have the same set or costumes as the original show, creator Vic Mignogna tries to recapture the magic that made that first show grow to become a franchise so magical.

To be fair, the series also feels as if it’s trying to hold a mirror to people who become consumed by pop culture.

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